Phra Nang Cave Beach – Sunset

Basking everything with a warm afterglow, it feels as if the clock suddenly turned to dusk. The orange hues scattered over the sea highlighting the scarlet water with its vivid colours growing to an intensity never seen before. At Phra Nang cave beach, everyone of us looked up at this scarlet sky. Though it lasted for a few minutes, the frames got frozen in our memory.

Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave

With soft sand and clear shallow water that’s just perfect for swimming and this is just the type of beach you would want to relax in when you want to get away from the crowd. A stone’s throw away from the islands of Koh Rang Nok and Khai Nai, the beach is set against a backdrop of picturesque limestone cliffs and offers a stunning view of Krabi.

Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave

One of the reasons that locals visit the beach is the Princess Cave (Tham Phra Nang Nok) —dedicated to the Goddess of fertility. The cave has countless phalluses statues that locals give offerings of incense and flowers.

Phra Nang Cave

Koh Rang Nok and Nai

With duvet-soft sand, clear shallow water for safe swimming, two small islands (Koh Rang Nok and Nai), coral reef, and caves, Ao Phra Nang has all the ingredients of a perfect beach. Phra Nang Beach (not to be confused with nearby Ao Nang) is the southern strip of sand in Railay Bay. With 450 metres in length, and reachable in a mere 20-minute long-tail boat trip directly from Ao Nang, or by foot from Railay East.

Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave

This cave has a story behind it, the princess of this island Phra Nang who lived out her life in the cave waiting for her future husband but he never returned from his ventures on sea. It is believed that the spirit of Phra nang, the Princess Goddess, resides in the wooden penises on the coastline. To ensure safe return from fishing, offerings in the form of male genitalia are made by the locals, which present a truly colorful site.

Tips to the Travelers :

1. Since the beach faces the west, it becomes an ideal spot to watch the setting sun against the stunning backdrop of the tall limestone cliffs.

2. Make a plan to visit the beach in the morning, as traveling to the beach during mid-day will be hot and tiresome.

3. Despite the fact that it is reachable only by boat, this area offers a plethora of recreational activities.

4. The area possesses some of the best scuba-diving sites in the world, with certified instruction courses offered on site.

5. The best way to experience the beach is to arrive here early in the morning before the day trippers reach.

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