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    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee – The Brain Behind


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, Blogger by Passion, Bengali by Birth and Boss of this Blog. A ravenous eater, a thirsty drinker, an enthusiastic traveler and a very sound sleeper. It’s very easy to impress him. Just good friends, good food, good drinks and good laughs. He’s happy. He’s satisfied.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    About The Man Behind Gourmets Travel Guide


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, a passionate food enamored and a voracious traveler, also an aspiring food critic and travel blogger. Although, Rajdeep is a government employee by profession, his intense interest in food and traveling gives his life a different dimension altogether.


    Being a true blue Bengali by birth, experimenting with different food and palates come naturally to him. This passion made him eat out in various restaurants in different cities of India as well as abroad. And he doesn’t mind leaving an endearing word or two for chefs who have displayed their talents on the plate. He hates the loose use of the word ‘foodie’ and prefers, instead, the expression ‘food devotee’. For him, good food and honest people are the biggest motivators.


    Food blogging, in the eyes of other people, was many things : a shameless explosion of unprofessionals trampling the gates of food writing’s, the ticket to big money, a new career, or unforgivably dull unless it served a niche. To him, it was only one thing : a passion. he would bristle, perhaps defensively, against the idea that food blogging can be something other than passion, that it was a thing apart just because anyone could do it.


    The fact is, his blog Gourmets Travel Guide didn’t happen in a vacuum. All of those big hospitality brands that weren’t going to invite a new blogger like him and traditional concepts were also very narrow to take this whole food blogging thing at beginning. 8 years later, a lot looks different. The web is an explosion of food content, and distinctions have largely eroded between big publishers, small publishers, and blogs. Competition is fierce in a crowded space; everything is glossier and many feel the barrier to entry is higher.


    This is not all; he also takes extreme delight in experimenting with variety of foods. In addition to that he seems to have an unquenchable thirst for travel which makes him pack his knapsack and go out whenever he manages some time out of his busy schedule. And needless to say, his travels are always mingled with food and fun. He will inspire you to break your comfort zone and learn from all those great experiences that this amazing world has to offer.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Award for Excellence in Travel & Tourism by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce


    Rajdeep is also the founder of the few food and travel website – Gourmets Travel Guide, Botol Puran, PanchPhoronIndia and PanchPhoronKolkata which are entirely devoted to travel and food. The websites offers varied information on different places, events, festivals and happenings with regard to food and travel. It also highlights different food festivals taking place in the “city of joy.” And needless to mention that there are lots of tempting food reviews in the website to sooth the taste palates of the food lovers in India.


    As a matter of fact Rajdeep has been writing blogs for more than five years and his writings are marked by a distinctive inimitable style with a definite personal touch. He shares a nice camaraderie with many media houses and his writings are picked up by several of them. His descriptions of foods are so vivid and delightful that the readers are made to feel that as if they are getting the smell of the foods itself while reading. And this is why they read his writings repeatedly to enjoy the delight again and again.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Award for Best Foodie of the year by Channel One

    Being a whole hearted blogger, he gives vent to his personal feelings and experiences related to food and travel in his personal blog. He was also a responsible selector and curator for chefs in “Resto Ranna” a food oriented program telecast on Channel One. Recently his several travelogues were published in “Hangla Hneshel” which is a well-known Bengali magazine devoted to food and travel. Another of his compositions featured in the leading Indian daily The Telegraph. Rajdeep has also been ranked among one of the top food connoisseurs in Kolkata by Zomato, a famous food and restaurant finder.


    Rajdeep counts is as his forte the wonderful rapport he shares with different media houses. Thus his writings have already been picked up by top food journals and news dailies apart from the exposure he has to talk about them on social media. Reputation management of his clients come naturally to him be it on the virtual platform or in print. He is happy to engage, endorse and promote brands that he have enjoyed and loved.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee


    Undeniably, blogging has evolved from a personal diary to a more professional, major digital information source nowadays. Today, it has become a powerful tool to manage online identity and build trust regardless of the product or service it tries to promote. Similarly, the food & hospitality industry greatly appreciates and embraces this as their online promotional strategy. If cooking is an art then food blogging is a fine way to describe that art. Food blogging is a category where content should look ‘professionally’ put together and visuals must be of very ‘high standards’.

    Rajdeep was recently started two video blogs on food and drinks in YouTube named GourmetsTravelGuide and BotolPuran. Where everyone can watch and enjoy the experience of the entire journey in a detailed and wonderful manner. Being a “food devotee” in the truest sense of the term, it has been a long cherished desire of Rajdeep to come up with a unique website which would be all about food and travel. And gourmetstravelguide.com is as it were a “dream come true” for him. When he is not writing on food and travel or working as a Government employee, you can most certainly catch him with a camera slung around his neck and travel gear ready to satisfy his inner wanderlust.


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