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    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee – The Brain Behind


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, Blogger by Passion, Bengali by Birth and Boss of this Blog. A ravenous eater, a thirsty drinker, an enthusiastic traveler and a very sound sleeper. It’s very easy to impress him. Just good friends, good food, good drinks and good laughs. He’s happy. He’s satisfied.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    About The Man Behind Gourmets Travel Guide


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, a passionate food enamored and a voracious traveler, also an aspiring food critic and travel blogger. Although, Rajdeep is a government employee by profession, his intense interest in food and traveling gives his life a different dimension altogether.


    Being a true blue Bengali by birth, experimenting with different food and palates come naturally to him. This passion made him eat out in various restaurants in different cities of India as well as abroad. And he doesn’t mind leaving an endearing word or two for chefs who have displayed their talents on the plate. He hates the loose use of the word ‘foodie’ and prefers, instead, the expression ‘food devotee’. For him, good food and honest people are the biggest motivators.


    Food blogging, in the eyes of other people, was many things : a shameless explosion of unprofessionals trampling the gates of food writing’s, the ticket to big money, a new career, or unforgivably dull unless it served a niche. To him, it was only one thing : a passion. he would bristle, perhaps defensively, against the idea that food blogging can be something other than passion, that it was a thing apart just because anyone could do it.


    The fact is, his blog Gourmets Travel Guide didn’t happen in a vacuum. All of those big hospitality brands that weren’t going to invite a new blogger like him and traditional concepts were also very narrow to take this whole food blogging thing at beginning. 8 years later, a lot looks different. The web is an explosion of food content, and distinctions have largely eroded between big publishers, small publishers, and blogs. Competition is fierce in a crowded space; everything is glossier and many feel the barrier to entry is higher.


    This is not all; he also takes extreme delight in experimenting with variety of foods. In addition to that he seems to have an unquenchable thirst for travel which makes him pack his knapsack and go out whenever he manages some time out of his busy schedule. And needless to say, his travels are always mingled with food and fun. He will inspire you to break your comfort zone and learn from all those great experiences that this amazing world has to offer.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Award for Excellence in Travel & Tourism by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce


    Rajdeep is also the founder of the few food and travel website – Gourmets Travel Guide, Botol Puran, PanchPhoronIndia and PanchPhoronKolkata which are entirely devoted to travel and food. The websites offers varied information on different places, events, festivals and happenings with regard to food and travel. It also highlights different food festivals taking place in the “city of joy.” And needless to mention that there are lots of tempting food reviews in the website to sooth the taste palates of the food lovers in India.


    As a matter of fact Rajdeep has been writing blogs for more than five years and his writings are marked by a distinctive inimitable style with a definite personal touch. He shares a nice camaraderie with many media houses and his writings are picked up by several of them. His descriptions of foods are so vivid and delightful that the readers are made to feel that as if they are getting the smell of the foods itself while reading. And this is why they read his writings repeatedly to enjoy the delight again and again.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

    Award for Best Foodie of the year by Channel One

    Being a whole hearted blogger, he gives vent to his personal feelings and experiences related to food and travel in his personal blog. He was also a responsible selector and curator for chefs in “Resto Ranna” a food oriented program telecast on Channel One. Recently his several travelogues were published in “Hangla Hneshel” which is a well-known Bengali magazine devoted to food and travel. Another of his compositions featured in the leading Indian daily The Telegraph. Rajdeep has also been ranked among one of the top food connoisseurs in Kolkata by Zomato, a famous food and restaurant finder.


    Rajdeep counts is as his forte the wonderful rapport he shares with different media houses. Thus his writings have already been picked up by top food journals and news dailies apart from the exposure he has to talk about them on social media. Reputation management of his clients come naturally to him be it on the virtual platform or in print. He is happy to engage, endorse and promote brands that he have enjoyed and loved.


    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee


    Undeniably, blogging has evolved from a personal diary to a more professional, major digital information source nowadays. Today, it has become a powerful tool to manage online identity and build trust regardless of the product or service it tries to promote. Similarly, the food & hospitality industry greatly appreciates and embraces this as their online promotional strategy. If cooking is an art then food blogging is a fine way to describe that art. Food blogging is a category where content should look ‘professionally’ put together and visuals must be of very ‘high standards’.

    Rajdeep was recently started two video blogs on food and drinks in YouTube named GourmetsTravelGuide and BotolPuran. Where everyone can watch and enjoy the experience of the entire journey in a detailed and wonderful manner. Being a “food devotee” in the truest sense of the term, it has been a long cherished desire of Rajdeep to come up with a unique website which would be all about food and travel. And gourmetstravelguide.com is as it were a “dream come true” for him. When he is not writing on food and travel or working as a Government employee, you can most certainly catch him with a camera slung around his neck and travel gear ready to satisfy his inner wanderlust.


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    Brands I have worked with


    Best wishes for your Food and Travel website - Gourmets Travel Guide, looking forward to read and receive info about more and more interesting places to visit and great restaurants where to dine. Cheers and best regards.

    Heribert Gaksch

    Marketing & Business Development, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

    Knowing Rajdeep really made a huge impression for me. Thank you for always jumping in to cover Royal Thai Consulate events whenever you were called upon, during my term of duty. Eye-catching picture presentations, curated write-up on Food & Travel topics in Gourmets Travel Guide is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the success.

    Preecha Kaensa

    Former Thai Consul General, Kolkata

    I had the pleasure of meeting Rajdeep and working with him while in India. He done a fantastic job with his blog while we were working for a good cause. I enjoy reading his food and travel blogs Gourmets Travel Guide and look forward to more!

    Chris Trapani

    Director, Urban Cowboy, Austin, Texas

    Seldom you come across personalities who's passion compliments their character and Rajdeep is one of them. Excellent would be an under statement if I describe about his blogging skills. Absolutely mammoth... grandeur... vibrant.. his blog Gourmets Travel Guide and he himself. I wish him all the best and keep blogging about the best places around.

    Manav Soni

    Chairman, Travel Agents Association of India, Eastern Region

    I must admit that Rajdeep is an encyclopaedia about Food & Travel globally. I am fortunate to have him in my federation and his contributions in promoting travel are tremendous, which helps many travelers extensively. His food and travel blog Gourmets Travel Guide will excel in very stage and I wish him happy blogging.

    Anil Punjabi

    Chairman, Travel Agents Federation of India (East India)

    Rajdeep’s consistent and insightful blogs are a treat for the readers. He is the perfect bridge between what actual consumer desired from a establishment or destination while understanding the trend. Keep up the good work Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Ritam Saha

    Manager Passenegr and Cargo Services (IATA), India, Nepal & Bhutan

    We absolutely loved working with Gourmets Travel Guide, from his professional attitude, incredible photography and amazing kind nature, he really is a dream to work with. Thank you Rajdeep for being so efficient and professional at all times, working with you is a breath of fresh air.

    Mahinderr S Rawat

    General Manager, Ramada New Delhi

    I have known Rajdeep over the years as an expert on Food & Travel. A well regarded blogger, Rajdeep established a style of his own in micro and macro blogging on subjects related to Food and Travel. He is an extremely humble human being under or with whom, many of today's known faces started their journey, following him as a mentor. I wish him all the success with his blog, Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Rajib Roy Choudhury

    General Manager, Aananda Imperial Hotel, Bilaspur

    Thanks for your wonderful contribution towards Hospitality industry. Your detailed blogs in Gourmets Travel Guide about food & drinks has helped not only the industry to grow but also helped the consumers to know about the industry, cuisine and the best places to hang out. Keep on doing this good work. Wish you all the best.

    Gaurav Goswami

    General Manager, Aquatica Water Park and Resort, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is a superb communicator. He managed to captured the essence of our brands philosophy and communicate it in such a presentable way. He is an extremely passionate foodie and highly professional, and this reflects in the beautiful picture he posts in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide, besides the in-depth content and his style.

    Bilash Das

    General Manager, The Fern Hotels & Resorts, Kolkata

    It’s a pleasure knowing Rajdeep. His passion for food reflects in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide. Keep up the good work.

    Debasree Roy

    President, Corporate Development, Peerless Hotels Ltd.

    Working with Rajdeep has been a real pleasure. He is incredibly professional with his blog Gourmets Travel Guide, and has the confidence to approach with new ideas which he thought would definitely benefit us. He is flexible, and always delivers what is promised.

    Toorban Ghosh

    General Manager, The Food Library, Nairobi, Kenya

    We have contacted Rajdeep for social media promotion of Ramada Darjeeling. We were very pleased with the detailed content and beautiful pictures posted in Gourmets Travel Guide. The bloggers meet went very smoothly and exposed Ramada Darjeeling to a wide audience on social media. We would love to work with Gourmets Travel Guide again in the future.

    Vivek Shukla

    General Manager, Ramada Darjeeling

    The authenticity and the high-quality content featured on Gourmets Travel Guide blog plus his wide influence in the foodie scene were two aspects that really attracted my attention. Working with Rajdeep is simple, direct and easy. He planned and hosted several bloggers meet at our property and the online exposure and engagement during and after the events were huge.

    Debarshi Sanyal

    General Manager, Howard Johnson, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is a purely passion driven food Blogger who gathers minute nitty gritties of his gastronomical journey in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide. Whenever he is discussing with me on culinary science, I found his knowledge is extraordinary and blogging thus nurtures his crave for knowing and adoring food & drinks. I wish him all the best.

    Sumanta Maity

    General Manager, Golden Tulip Hotel, Kolkata

    We reached out to Rajdeep online and immediately found him approachable but also accommodating to our questions and need for guidance. Instantly at ease, we arranged a hugely successful bloggers meet with the result reach far surpassing what we had even imagined at the beginning. I wish him all the best for his Blog Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Jaidev Dutta

    General Manager, Holiday Inn Kolkata

    Rajdeep is an avid fan of Thailand and I am always flattered by this fact! I believe that this quality he has, coupled with his passion in food-blogging, long acquired experiences of extensive traveling and cultural mingling, he makes a perfect recipe for success in giving us thrill, excitement and letting us learn new things each day with his Food and Travel Blog - Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Nutt Svasti Salee

    Royal Thai Consulate-General, Kolkata

    Rajdeep's attention to detail of culinary art and the way he articulate his blogs in Gourmets Travel Guide for readers are praiseworthy and we are glad that we have been with him, as our esteemed blogger for long now. We wish that he continue his endeavour in integrating the revamp of Restaurant Business for all, right from the beginning of a reopening of such setups!

    Swarup Ghosh

    General Manager, Hotel Casa Fortuna

    Rajdeep, is one of the early food bloggers in the city of joy and probably the most jolly. His love for food and travel and happy personality makes him a pleasure to be with.

    Prabhas Dutta

    Director, Hakuna Matata, Kolkata

    Rajdeep’s great knowledge and understanding of different types of food and drinks makes him one of the best in this field, having also a very good eye for details. His photographs and contents are always spot on. I would absolutely recommend working with Gourmets Travel Guide for any social media activity, you will not be disappointed.

    Kobid Sinha

    Operation Manager, Malt, Kolkata

    Social Media Promotions with Rajdeep and his blogging team has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to invite them again in the near future. End event posting in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide is visually high quality, with content; simple, clear and concise for all readers. We love Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Abhijit Chakraborty

    Restaurant Manager, RoadHouzz

    A lovely person to work with, genuine, friendly and clearly very passionate in what he do. Rajdeep manages to grasp our concept effortlessly and then transform it into wonderfully written words! It was a pleasure collaborating with him and seeing through his writing in Gourmets Travel Guide blog what he got out of our experience.

    Sujan Paul

    General Manager, Rangoli Park Hotel & Resort, Gujarat

    Rajdeep has been a great support for organizing bloggers meet in our different properties. The planning process and the events all went very smoothly and we received some great social media coverage from Gourmets Travel Guide. Thanks for your support Gourmets Travel Guide and I look forward to working together again in the future.

    Sourav Rakshit

    Assistant General Manager, Ambuja Neotia

    Gourmets Travel Guide is always a good read. I like it because posts are simple without use of any fancy words or drama but includes many informative tweaks and touches and often little ingredient details of the dishes, also the photographs are excellent. I always look forward to collaborating with Rajdeep on all food & beverage promotions.

    Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Royal Orchid Hotels, Kolkata

    With great photos, beautiful descriptions with a personal touch, this is a blog written by a Bengali man Rajdeep, who loves to enjoy all kinds of food. Gourmets Travel Guide is a great resourceful blog if you are looking for something little different in the food blogging arena.

    Puspendu Kayal

    Restaurant Manager, Episode One

    I love the blog covers and each sections has all the info you’d want to know in advance, so it makes exploring restaurants a lot easier! I’ve had brilliant experiences in doing events with Rajdeep, without the worry of whether it might be a disappointment. Thank you Gourmets Travel Guide and team.

    Indranil Chatterjee

    Restaurant Manager, PAPAYA

    Rajdeep is joy to work with and all our management are impressed with the high impact of his blog Gourmets Travel Guide. If you are thinking of hosting a bloggers event, Rajdeep is your go-to person. You will not be disappointed. His blog is definitely a WOW factor in both look and content.

    Sanjoy Nath

    Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Pride Plaza Hotel, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is a food blogger with difference. He has a penchant for gastronomy imbibed in his blood & this drives his passion for delving to gain knowledge of foods & beverages with extreme unconventional approach and pen those down in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide. Wish him a tremendous journey ahead in the wonderful world of gastronomy; tickling & pampering his taste buds to the core.

    Kaushik Banerjee

    Regional Manager, IRCTC, Bhubaneswar

    Rajdeep is incredibly professional. His passion and love for food and blogging is profound. His concept of bringing people together through food is contagious! He always delivers content rich and beautiful blogs in Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Sombit Chowdhury

    Restaurant General Manager, Uno Chicago Bar and Grill, Kolkata

    I met Rajdeep during the pre-opening of Howard Johnson Kolkata. I was turning bricks and rocks to fit the right one in the wall for our newly launched hotel. And here I found him far away in the eastern land, we worked on 3 projects so far which includes Howard Johnson Kolkata, Bangalore and Vividus Bangalore. Considering his knowledge and passion, I definitely would like to work with Gourmets Travel Guide for life long.

    Anshul Goswami

    Director of Sales and Marketing, Vividus Hotel, Bangalore

    I’ve been following Rajdeep's write-up for a while now. I find his blog Gourmets Travel Guide interesting, informative and witty! Recently I used his recommendations for my birthday dinner. We really enjoyed the food there and would highly recommend his blog.

    Goutam Mullick

    Co-Owner, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick, Kolkata

    Rajdeep's expertise and passion for blogging has to be admired. It was great to be around someone who clearly loves food and can share what he knows so easily. He enjoy his blogging with his heart and integrity. If you want an admirable blogger and a incredible blog, you must experience Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Soumendra Nath Mondal

    Executive Chef, Floatel, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is imaginative with his beautifully presented blogs conjured up like a magician. After every event our management always appreciate his detailed blog in Gourmets Travel Guide posted without any delay. Astounding to watch beautiful pictures and well planned content. Don't know how he does it!

    Barid Baran Sau

    Executive Chef, Aquatica Water Park and Resort, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is someone whose passion for food and wine is second to none. Immensely knowledgeable and a perfect guide for any food lovers. Rajdeep's blog Gourmets Travel Guide is always worth reading because it is very informative as well as all minute details are covered. Keep up the good work.

    Soham Poddar

    Asst. Manager - Tastings and Marketing, Sula Vineyards

    I've learned over the years to call in the professionals when you want something done right. Rajdeep has always gone above and beyond to meet my needs, regardless of the circumstance. I view him as part of my extended family now. I wish everybody do blogging like Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Ramkumar Varatharaj

    Brand Chef, Benjarong & Vapho, Chennai

    Rajdeep is the best blogger in Kolkata to me. His blogs have always been my top favorites. I loved having blogging events with him because I not only got great pictures and video, I feel more comfortable with the how and why we do certain festive menus. His knowledge is invaluable. I highly recommend all to check Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Rounak Basu

    Executive Chef, The Kitchen, Kolkata

    Rajdeep is one of the greatest blogger I have met. He has vast knowledge in hospitality and food industry. He also has good experience in different cuisine. When we think about any food bloggers meet, his name comes of automatically in our mind. We are very proud to have a blogger like Rajdeep who is always down to earth. We wish him all the best, for his blog Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Christopher Rozario

    F&B Manager, Hotel Senses, Kolkata

    Thank you so much for creating such a sensible food blogging scenario in Kolkata right from the base. You have a keen sense of putting the right picture in the right place and people can easily feel the essence and emotion of your blog. Gourmets Travel Guide helps to create a food brand or brand recall value. Thank you Rajdeep for taking the food blogging to next level.

    Firoz Molla

    Head of Operations, Aminia Restaurant, Kolkata

    There is a saying, the best way to reach someone’s heart is through their stomach and Rajdeep Bhattacharjee has undoubtedly followed that path through his blog Gourmets Travel Guide, thus creating his “Love for Food & Travel” and mentoring us to the places we stand today.

    Shankhadeep Mitra

    Proprietor, Zoom TeaOgraphy, Kolkata

    I would like to say that Rajdeep is someone who started his culinary journey long back. His contribution as a passionate food blogger always benefits the Hospitality Industry. I will anytime recommend Gourmets Travel Guide to any restaurant, hotel or food service business based on his flexibility, timeliness and dedication to consistency.

    Kedar Ballava Das

    General Manager, Exotica, Hyderabad

    Food & Travel the term itself defines the passion for exploring culture which originates centuries back. Its really tough to understand which restaurant or hotel has the best food in town. I follow Rajdeep's blog Gourmets Travel Guide and its really inspiring how he just manages to get the best out of every restaurant. I would request everyone to start following him to get the best food and travel tips in town.

    Nitesh Prasad

    General Manager, Ganesha Ek Sanskriti, Indonesia

    Rajdeep is a very passionate food Blogger and well known person in the hospitality industry. His in-depth knowledge on different cuisines are extraordinary. Whenever I get the chance to talk to him, I found sincerity and humbleness in his words, which make him a true professional and a great human being. I wish him all the best and recommend his blog Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Siddharth Choudhury

    Operation Manager, The Spirits, Kolkata

    His sense of flavors are outstanding. I am always a great admire of his passion for food blogging. When I saw Gourmets Travel Guide’s website, I immediately fell in love with not only his detailed and delicious elaboration on food, but found his blog name adorable too. My best wishes on his culinary journey.

    Mauktik Chakraborty

    Executive Chef, Gourmet King, Kolkata

    I become a FAN when I met Rajdeep face to face in Darjeeling and I felt how passionate and dedicated he is towards blogging. Gourmets Travel Guide explain food in such a manner that it not only understandable but also felt intuitive. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

    Arun Kumar Sharma

    Executive Chef, Rohet Garh Hotel, Rajasthan

    Its a great pleasure to write about Rajdeep whom I knew for many years in this hospitality industry. His passion for Food & Beverage is remarkable and he is also a vivid traveler who loves to explore everything. His approach towards any cuisine is very straight forward. His blog Gourmets Travel Guide has it all covered! I wish him all the success.

    Sabyasachi Dasmahapatra

    Executive Chef, Radisson Kolkata Ballygunge

    I am writing just to thank Rajdeep for all his help from the inauguration of On My Way to till date. You made social media promotions completely effortless for me and the outcome, as a whole, was more than I had expected or hoped for. I will recommend Gourmets Travel Guide to all without any doubt.

    Anup Ladia

    Director, On My Way, Kolkata

    I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you did a really good job with your blog Gourmets Travel Guide. It’s really great how pleasing & interesting your writings are to read and also great images. I will exhort Gourmets Travel Guide to all.

    Sachin Giri

    Director, Diamond Hotel & Restaurant, Kalyani

    Rajdeep is a Food Blogger with unique style of his own and true to his passion. He is well focused in assimilating his ideas through his write-up, pictures and videos. He always showcased our properties nicely in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Ashish Mittal

    Managing Director, MAP5 Hotels & Resorts, India

    I really appreciate your sincere and selfless efforts for inspiring writing, creative videos, eye catching food photos and hosting wonderful food promotion events, covering various brands, their hotels, restaurants, lounges etc. in your blog Gourmets Travel Guide. In other words, you are putting your soul into food blogging - with your in-depth knowledge, sense of community and strong camaraderie.

    Kamal Maggo

    Asst. Corporate Chef, bloom Hotel Group, India

    Rajdeep is always a superb communicator and knows how to capture the essence of different cuisines philosophy and elaborate it in such a way in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide that I become a big fan of his. He is an extremely sincere food blogger and highly artistic, this reflects in beautiful picture he posts beside the content and his style.

    Gyanesh Thapa

    Executive Chef, The Kannelite Hotel (By JTDC), Jamshedpur

    Inauguration of Barcelos was my first time meeting with Rajdeep and that day was very memorable for me. Honest reviews in his blog always create an extra mile and makes him different from other bloggers. I find out so much information in his blog, it become an inspiration to me. Gourmets Travel Guide is really an excellent blog, covering very extensive and huge variety of topics.

    Souvik Bhattacharjee

    Sous Chef, Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa

    Rajdeep is a one of the top bloggers who represents a complex interweaving of "food devotee" & his food photography is simply outstanding with all the feelings of food. Whether you are looking for a pocket-friendly yet delicious bite during your work lunch, or looking to impress someone with a more sophisticated restaurant, Gourmets Travel Guide has it all covered.

    Ajit Kumar Singh

    Sous Chef, Khaneen, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Rajdeep is a passionate foodie with a keen knowledge and experience of various cuisines and drinks. This comes out in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide as well as in conversations with him. What I also find commendable is the way he encourages and nurtures young food bloggers. It is always a pleasure to interact with him. I wish him all the best in his culinary endeavors.

    Saugata Banerjee

    Proprietor, Biryanishk & Pappadam, Kolkata

    When it comes to love for food Rajdeep is the most passionate person known to me. His endless gastronomical journey and the skill of penning it down in such an extravagant yet simple to understand manner has made him one of the best blogger in town. Thanks to Gourmets Travel Guide which helps people to know about different cuisine.

    Dulal Mondal

    Sr. Operation Manager, Pipal Tree Hotel, Kolkata

    Rajdeep has become an integral part of our hospitality industry for a long time. I have been following Gourmets Travel Guide and greatly benefited by the knowledge he has shared with an extremely positive outlook. His extensive research, technical expertise and polite behavior has won us over again and again. I wish him great success in all that he does.

    Gajendra Kumar Singh

    Executive Chef, The Stadel, Kolkata

    Rajdeep Bhattacharjee is one of the eminent blogger, who has got in-depth knowledge in international and regional Indian cuisine. He has a very special skill of visualize industry trend, way ahead from present time. I worked with him and I respect his professional views. I wish him and his food & travel blog Gourmets Travel Guide a grand success.

    Bipul Majumder

    Executive Chef, Hotel Hindusthan International, Kolkata

    It's a pleasure getting chance to write about Rajdeep - a good friend of mine, an eminent explorer and a prolific writer on food and travel. I keep on following his articles in Gourmets Travel Guide on a regular basis. His eagerness to gather knowledge always inspires me. I wish him all success for his future engagements.

    Jayanta Banerjee

    Executive Chef, Holiday Inn Kolkata

    I can always count on Rajdeep to advocate Thailand. His articles, either it is on a local dish or haute cuisine, on the busiest touristic spot or the most enchanted sanctuary in the country, reflect his love and dedication for what he does. I wish Rajdeep good luck with the website Gourmets Travel Guide and continue to amuse his followers.

    Montakan Hengsuwan

    Formar Consul, Royal Thai Embassy Kolkata

    I know Rajdeep for over 4 years and have worked with him on several assignments for two Hyatt hotels (Kolkata & Bangalore) in India. I love his out of the box ideas and creativeness. The content he curates in Gourmets Travel Guide are of high quality and engaging. I would love to collaborate with him whenever I come across any creative work for him.

    Pravu P Sahoo

    Cluster Digital Director – South India, Park Hyatt Hyderabad

    I have known Rajdeep for a few years now and he is very versatile well traveled person who has a very good taste about way of life. He has done some wonderful blogging about my previous hotel Howard Johnson Bengaluru in his blog Gourmets Travel Guide. His detailed social media promotion and knowledgeable inputs has definitely helped us in achieving next level.

    Rishi Neoge

    General Manager, Royal Orchid Resorts Yehlanka

    I am in association with Rajdeep for quite a long time now, he is emotionally & passionately attached with travel & hospitality industry as a result I feel his output is completely different from others in this field. His blog Gourmets Travel Guide is a must visit for any food lovers. All the best & keep doing what you are best in.

    Debjit Ghosh

    Sr. General Manager, Spicejet, India

    Rajdeep is a kind of blogger who can fire up your desire of traveling with his blog Gourmets Travel Guide and keep food enthusiasts abreast with the latest news from the culinary industry . I appreciate people who inspire me and he is among one of them. Every creative person needs a genuine feedback and I won’t shy away from saying that Rajdeep is the smartest food blogger in Kolkata circuit and worth recognition!

    Imran Ahmed Khan

    Commercial Sales Manager - Eastern India, Etihad Airways

    He is the consummate professional and truly one of the best blogger I have had the pleasure to meet. If you are looking for a high-end Food and Travel Blog, visit Gourmets Travel Guide and I know you will not be disappointed.

    Arup Kumar Chatterjee

    Sales Manager, SriLankan Airlines, Eastern India

    I am usually delighted to read his blogs in culinary arena as he keeps discovering unique ones and it's always a pleasure to try some of his recommendations when on the go. Till date his choice is commendable and relates to his size as well! He defiantly inculcates confidence with his blog Gourmets Travel Guide where followers like us always open for a blind date with his recommendations!

    Yasser Ahmad

    Sales Manager - East India, Cathay Pacific Airways

    Rajdeep is not only passionate about his blogging but he lives and breaths it everyday. His food and travel blogs are such a perfect fit for our busy lives. Thanks to his blog Gourmets Travel Guide, we know where to eat delicious food while traveling.

    Rahul Saith

    Sales Manager - Eastern India, Singapore Airlines

    Rajdeep, knowing him for years as a avid Food & Travel Blogger who posts simple yet intriguing experiences of his food and travel adventure. His contribution to food and travel in Kolkata is quite stirring. He matches to my kind of food journey!! All the best to his blog Gourmets Travel Guide.

    Sanjit Bhattacharya

    Director of Sales - North & East India, IndiGo