Hotel Green Park Chennai – Godavari Ruchulu

The authentic, home-style flavours of East Godavari District have been brought to life and manifested under the expert hands of culinary specialist Master Chef Ramakrishna in Godavari Ruchulu. Specialist chefs going to display their culinary expertise from East Godavari districts, Head Chef Thangapan & Master Chef Ramakrishna designed an interesting menu, which includes the delicacies from Andhra Pradesh & provide authentic hand picked delicacies to food lovers from the region. Showcasing their knowledge passed down through generations, curating traditional East Godavari District’s food cooked with love and care at Tulips, Hotel Green Park Chennai.


The highlight would be the preparation of traditional dishes like Araku Bamboo Chicken – traditional chicken recipe of tribals of Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh., Gongura Mamasam – A traditional gongura mutton recipe from the spicy city of Guntur. Gongura (Sorrel leaves) is a leafy vegetable used widely in Andhra cuisine and has a slight sour taste, Natu kodi Vepudu – This is an Andhra style of chicken fry, it can be prepared with country Chicken, Aratikaya Vepudu – is a Andhra style Raw Banana Dry Sabzi. It is a simple recipe but tastes amazing as such or when paired with rice and dal/rasam. Gutti vankaya kura – is a popular stuffed brinjal curry recipe from Andhra Cuisine. Panasapandu Pulao – dum cooked light and fragrant pulao made with kathal or unripe jackfruit. Pesarattu – is a dosa like preparation native to Andhra Pradesh. It is made with green gram eaten as a snack or a breakfast meal.


Hotel Green Park Chennai - Godavari Ruchulu

Hotel Green Park Chennai – Godavari Ruchulu

Godavari Ruchulu Festival – Complete Buffet Menu

Salad Counter :

Keera Kai Salad (Cucumber salad), Pachi Mamidi Kai (Raw mango salad), Bagala Dumpa Chat (Crispy potato salad), Gobi Pachadi (Pounded cauliflower salad), Ullipayalu (Onion salad in Andhra style spices), Chilagada Dumpa (Roasted Sweet potato salad), Apadalu Chat (Popadam prepared in traditional spices) and Fruit Chat.

Soups :

Tomato Charu (Chef special Tomato soup to start the food Safari)

Non. Veg Appetizers :

Peethalu Vepedu (Fried crab in chillies), Mirapakaya Kodi (Chicken with poppy seeds & coconut), Chintachi Royallu Veep (Fried prawn in chilies)

Veg. Appetizers :

Chili Garelu (Urad dal vadas famous for snack time enhancer), Masala Garelu (Urad dal vadas famous for snack time enhancer), Punugulu (A common street food from Vijaywada made with rice batter and lentils)

Live Station :

Pesarattu (From the Godavari coasts a pure bliss of Dosa batter with Moong dal), Special Dosa

Special Rice :

Pachi Masala Pulao (Masala pulao withTamarind in rich Andhra style), Mamidakai Kobbari Palhio (Rice cooked with fresh coconut & raw mango), Chitapandu Pulihora (Rice cooked with tamarind just the sour way), Tella Annam (Sesame seed rice)

Pachadi & Urapachada (Pickles) :

30 varieties of freshly made and pre made pickles and pounded food straight from the chefs station to enhance your taste buds

Fries (Course Accompaniment) :

Papadalu, Vodiyalu, Gummadikayavodialu (Varieties of fried delicacies from Andhra to soothen up your meal experience)

Main Course :

Non Vegetarian :

Mamsam Jedipappu Biriyani (Exotic Andhra style mutton biriyani), Kormenichapala Pulusu (Fish cooked richly in Andhra style), Ulavacharu Kodi Biriyani (Exotic Andhra style chicken spicy biriyani), Bombidalu Pulusu (Eel fishes cooked with tamarind in the Andhra style), Arukku Bamboo Chicken (An elegant & unique chicken dish from the Aruku valley), Egg 65 (Eggs battered fried in Andhra style), Gongura Mamisam (A Lamb delicacy cooked in sorrel leaves), Pachimirichi Egg Iguru (Egg curry with green chilies in Andhra style), Natu Kodi Kura (Chicken cooked in Ghuntur chilies & coconut)

Vegetarian :

Bangala Dumpa Peanut Vepudu (Potatoes stir fried with tempered peanuts in Andhra style), Aratikaya Veepudu (Raw bananas cooked into dry form), Aloo Allam Chhimirchi (Potatoes cooked in chilies in the Andhra style), Kanda Turumu Vepudu (Tropical Indian ivy gourd stir fried in Andhra style), Donda Kaya Thalimpu (Indian gourd fried tempered in Andhra style), Totakoora Iguru (Spinach gravy the Andhra style), Beerakai Pulusu (Rich gourd curry in Andhra style), Muvva Venkaiyakoora (Stuffed fried eggplant), Pappu Charu (A blend of urad & chana dal cooked in Andhra style), Pappu Thalimpu (Red gram lentil cooked in Andhra spices), Vulavacharu (A staple of the region of Andhra & Telengana made with toor dal), Perugu Garalu (Vada infused in curd), Majjiga Rulusu (Curd based stew with veggies combined with green Chilies & coconut )

Desserts :

Bobbatlu (Sweet flat bread with lentil stuffing), Rava Poornam Belam (Coconut stuffed lentil dumpling with jaggery), Sugar Putharekulu (A Ambrosia from Atreyapuram a pure bliss made with rice starch), Sunundulu (Urad dal ladoo), Gottam Kaja (Delicacy from Kakinada made with wheat flour & sugar), Arisalu (A Famous fantasy Made from soaked rice & jaggery), Mamidi Tandra (Pure fascination of Mango pulp with concentrated sugar), Anapakaya Pyasam (A mix of Bottle gourd simmered in milk and sugar), Saggu Pyasam (A unique blend of sago simmered in milk and sugar)


Describing Taste and Flavor :


Mirapakaya Kodi

Mirapakaya Kodi

We started off with the Chintachi Royallu Veep, deep fried prawns with chili – a traditional staple of East Godavari District, was extremely tender spicy and moist. The prawns were just perfectly fried and had a great balance of spice without burning your mouth. If you have any fear of spices, this unbelievably tasty Mirapakaya Kodi might just change your mind. Chicken pieces were first braised to pack in flavour, then deep fried to provide crisp edges and a good hit of smokiness.


Kormenichapala Pulusu

Kormenichapala Pulusu

You may not want to share the Kormenichapala Pulusu, a perfectly cooked fish with ridiculously crisp taste, and an unassuming authentic Andhra style rich gravy that brims with flavour. The Mamidakai Kobbari Palhio – rice cooked with fresh coconut & raw mango paints the perfect pairing, and might just be the best thing you’ll have that night.


Mamsam Jedipappu Biriyani

Mamsam Jedipappu Biriyani

Another interesting dish was the Natu Kodi Kura. If one hadn’t read the description, there would be no way that one could have guessed it was made from — Ghuntur chilies & coconut. It was perfectly smooth and juicy when paired with Mamsam Jedipappu Biriyani I found it become more tasty and flavourful.


Arukku Bamboo Chicken

Arukku Bamboo Chicken

But the winner is the Arukku Bamboo Chicken. It was cooked to perfection. Though a little heavy with lots of spices, the dish was indeed the show-stopper in the main course. The chicken pieces were juicy and almost falls off the bone making you applaud the quality of cooking s well as the marination. Sitting well with delicate traditional spices, the Arukku Bamboo Chicken was nothing short of amazing.


Sugar Putharekulu

Sugar Putharekulu

Off course, no meal is complete without the desserts. The winner here is the Sugar Putharekulu, an absolutely rural delight. The sugar putharekulu was wrapped in a wafer-thin rice starch layer resembling paper and also stuffed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts add to your breaking of resistance to sweet and a great way to end a fantastic meal.


Hotel Green Park Chennai - Godavari Ruchulu

Hotel Green Park Chennai – Godavari Ruchulu

Tulips, Hotel Green Park Chennai
Cuisine / Menu: Godavari Ruchulu – East Godavari District Food Festival
Duration: 30th Nov to 16th Dec 2018
Timing: 19:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
Price: Rs. 1099+taxes (Children, below 8 years, accompanying their parents would be provided free dinner, and those between 8 and 12 years of age would be charged for one buffet for two children)

Godavari Ruchulu – Celebrate the Glorious Flavours of East Godavari District at Hotel Green Park Chennai

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